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What is harassment?

Harassment can be defined as unwelcome treatment that is based on a person’s religion, color, race, sex, age, disability, and many other factors. Harassment of any form, especially in the workplace is a serious offense and violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights act.

What are the different forms of harassment?

There are many different forms of harassment, but some of the most common ones include:

Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is one of the most common forms that we hear about. Sexual harassment often occurs in the workplace. This kind of harassment involves unwanted sexual conduct, behaviors, and advances. Some examples of this would be a colleague asking you sexual questions, making sexual jokes, sexual gestures, or even sharing unsolicited sexual material. Quid pro quo is another form of sexual harassment this involves a benefit such as a promotion being offered in exchange for sexual activity.

Discriminatory Harassment:

Discriminatory Harassment involves being harassed because you belong to a certain group these groups can include:


Often people are discriminated against because of their gender. This type of harassment is often confused with sexual harassment, but gender discrimination can happen without sexual innuendos. With gender harassment, a person can be denied promotions based on their gender. This form also involves sharing material that can be degrading to one gender.


This form of discriminatory harassment involves someone being treated differently because they belong to a different race, or might even look different. Victims of racial harassment are singled out because of their race and are denied opportunities in the workplace and mistreated by their peers and superiors.


Religious harassment involves someone being discriminated against because they practice a different religion. This can take form in people sharing cruel pictures, making harsh comments, or people refusing to accept their religious dress codes.

Why should you contact a Harassment Lawyer in New York?

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